Wade Guyton Files

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Deborah Barlow posts selections from an ongoing conversation on Jerry Saltz's Facebook page about the exhibition Wade Guyton: OS at The Whitney Museum, New York, on view through January 13, 2013.

There are nearly 800 responses to Jerry Saltz's comment: "Last week some of you claimed that Wade Guyton’s paintings aren’t paintings. Some called them “prints” or “mono-types” or other things. Some said they’re not art at all because “he doesn’t touch them.” (In fact he’s perpetually tending & tugging the linen as it comes out of the printer.) In regards to categories like painting: Dislocations, adjustments, ruptures, and expansions are always happening. Always have. Always will. Let go of the neatness of identification (see Plato’s Cave). Painting doesn’t need anyone’s protection. Like love, let painting do what it does. Or not."

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