Wendy White: Pick Up a Knock

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Stephanie Cristello reviews the exhibition Wendy White: Pick Up a Knock at Andrew Rafacz Gallery, Chicago, on view through November 9, 2013.

Cristello writes that "the exhibition is made up of three parts – the paintings themselves, which are factual references, each with a quote, location, or site to one famous event in soccer history, and equally as large photographic prints on vinyl, that depict players laying flat on the field, gripping their legs or bent over in expressions of agony, in soft transitioning gradients, all installed among wall-to-wall white astroturf. The photographs act as punctuations to the painted fields of color and text within the space, done in White’s usual fashion; stylized type floating on high keyed grounds of color and spray paint, faced with an architectural element. The scale is confrontational not only through the physical installation, but through the carefully edged frames that encase all or some of the sides, as well – adding a grid-like semblance to the surface of the works. Almost none of the gallery’s walls are left bare – the paintings and photographs installed almost side to side, creating a stadium affect within the center of the space. There is no choice but to be within the paintings’ field of vision"

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