Will Fowler’s Craftwork

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Yunhee Min writes about the value of craft as seen in the work of painter Will Fowler, whose work is on view through June 30, 2012 at David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles.

Min writes: "Will Fowler's paintings are full of craft, a kind of craft that is peculiar to painting as an object and activity… The impression of the paintings from a distance is flat-ish and constructed. That is, even at this distance, the hand-production seems intelligible. They are full of edges and seams but not the sort that have some sense of intermediary transitions. The compositions seem both of forms and fields, ranging from blobby to geometric shapes that are clunky and mechanical rather than say, digital. Approaching the surface, there is a myriad of topographies…The surfaces are full of such improvisations suggesting no particular order but of simultaneous happenings. The micro scale of these events solicits close looking, presenting the materiality of paint, surface of the fabric, and the activities of making to you."

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