Will Hutnick: Interview

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Kelly Worman interviews painter Will Hutnick.

Hutnick comments: "I try to keep a distance while I work at first, so that shapes and colors can happen naturally… Cage … talked about 'facilitating a work to occur', something that’s always stuck with me, that I’m not creating the work as much as I am discovering it; that maybe all the lines and shapes and passages have always been there, and my role is to uncover the treasure, attempt to figure out the system and network. DeKooning also talked about his work as a “glimpse”, where the work can shift and change depending on the view or time or what have you; that things are in motion and in flux and this work, this painting, and this one shape or line is just the embodiment of a single instance. There are definitely plenty of moments in my work that I have to revisit and areas to go back into with a critical eye. Some works are created in a matter of minutes, some take weeks, years. I’ll constantly talk to my works – where are you going? How can I help you get there? What are you trying to be?"

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