Women of Abstract Expressionism

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Jillian Steinhauer previews Women of Abstract Expressionism which will be on view at the Denver Art Museum from June 12, 2016 – September 25, 2016, and talks to the exhibition’s organizer, Gwen Chanzit about the show.

Chaznit comments: "Most [of the exhibited artists] were not fully acknowledged in their time. Though many showed in exhibitions along with men, this was a time when societal opportunities for women were limited. It’s not so surprising that Abstract Expressionism, like other movements, has largely been defined by male painters; yet in this case, their male-ness, their heroic machismo spirit, has become a defining characteristic of the expansive gestural paintings of Abstract Expressionism. But process and experimentation with materials weren’t exclusive to men; they are also evident in paintings by women. Many female painters also responded to personal triggers in their own firsthand experience; some abstractions might even be thought of as interior, emotional gesture. This exhibition endeavors to expand what we know of the movement to include canvases by women of Abstract Expressionism that express compelling points of view by individuals who were individual in every sense."

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