Zachary Keeting on Cham Hendon

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Zachary Keeting muses on the painting Mountain Chalet (2003) by Cham Hendon.

Keeting writes: "I’m not gonna belabour the point, but I do need to say that this jpeg, a fine jpeg, doesn’t even come close to capturing the hallucinogenic hum of his painting. The actual piece trembles with a thousand tiny lights. It is quite glossy, and the surface ripples in every which way, but it’s not the track lighting I’m picking up on, there’s something else, something animalistic at play: hordes of airborne insects getting gooey in acid-enhanced abandon. You know that feeling on a summer day, when the sun is raking across your face, there isn’t the slightest breeze, your shirt is starting to cling, the tree frogs are feeling it, and the atmosphere is a roar with life? This painting’s got it. Or at least the middle third of the painting has it, there’s conflicting information elsewhere."

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