Zoey Frank: Interview

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Larry Groff interviews painter Zoey Frank.

Frank comments: “I like the process of working things out during the painting… I like how it complicates the surface and I like how I feel engaged with the entire painting the entire time… I want to try new subjects and approaches because I think it informs everything I do. I like dealing with change in my subjects—working with the live model shifting in the pose and even in my still lifes I feel compelled to move things around rather than setting it up and then painting it. Dealing with the light shifting across the landscape is tricky. I like that it forces you to focus on making a painting— there is no pretext that you are copying reality because it shifts so quickly. The painter is building a fabrication from those careful observations of relationships. Landscape is also a good way to focus on color, because the drawing doesn’t need to be as accurate as in the figure and the color relationships have to be right to make the paintings work.”

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