John Hoyland (1934 – 2011)

Painter John Hoyland died yesterday at age 76.  Hoyland was part of the 1960 exhibition Situation: An Exhibition of British Abstract Painting, which also featured Gillian Ayres and William Turnbull. This exhibition featured large-scale abstract paintings that involved the viewer’s entire field of vision creating an immersive experience or “situation”. 1 In the 1960’s, Hoyland […]

Charline von Heyl Lecture

Charline von Heyl presents a generous and illuminating lecture on her work.

Hedda Sterne (1911 – 2011)

Hedda Sterne’s work always remained fiercely individual, ground-breaking, and difficult to categorize.

David Malek at Rawson Projects
16 Miles of String

Andrew Russeth examines the positive qualities of influence in the work of painter David Malek. In Malek’s exhibition Hexagons at Rawson Projects his work seems to engage in unapologetic dialogues with several system based painters including (early) Frank Stella and Sol Lewitt.  However, Russeth remarks, “What once looked logical, rational, and predetermined… begins to look […]

Clyfford Still: A Life in Paintings

Clyfford Still: A Life in Paintings featuring painter Bill Jensen discussing his own discovery of Clyfford Still’s work.

Robert Ryman at the Phillips
Painter's Bread

Michael Rutherford posts a 2010 video interview with Robert Ryman at the Phillips Collection.  Ryman discusses his works on view at the museum noting: "I don't abstract from anything… I am involved with real space… real light, and real surface."