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Aubrey Levinthal

Aubrey Levinthal: Interview
Savvy Painter Podcast

Antrese Wood talks to painter Aubrey Levinthal. Levinthal remarks: “The answers are in the paint… [years ago] I always felt like a had to have an idea to go forward or I had to ‘know a lot’ … to make a painting and I think that creates blocks. Now, I either go and feed my eyes or […]

Aubrey Levinthal @ Nancy Margolis Gallery
Gorky's Granddaughter

Zachary Keeting and Christopher Joy interview painter Aubrey Levinthal at her exhibition at Nancy Margolis Gallery, New York, on view through October 14, 2017. Levinthal remarks: “I like paintings … that when you look at first, it’s inviting, it feels good to look … but then there’s something to hold you into the painting … […]

Aubrey Levinthal’s Refrigerator Paintings

Ella Coon reviews Aubrey Levinthal: Refrigerator Paintings, recently on view at The Painting Center, New York. Coon writes: “The paintings’ quotidian content, fragmented imagery, and color choices make the pieces feel both elusive and earthy. When looking at the works together in the tiny space, the viewer is reminded of not only the bodily activity […]

Aubrey Levinthal @ The Painting Center
New York Sun Arts

Xico Greenwald reviews Aubrey Levinthal: Refrigerator Paintings on view at The Painting Center, New York, through January 28, 2017. Greenwald writes: “Milk jugs and the condiments in the icebox are arranged into formally rigorous compositions that show off Ms. Levinthal’s feel for paint… her unpretentious canvases of everyday subjects dialogue with modern masters, particularly School […]