Bay Area Abstract Expressionism

Women of Abstract Expressionism

David DiMichele reviews Women of Abstract Expressionism recently on view at the Palm Springs Museum of Art. The show features works by Mary Abbott, Jay DeFeo, Perle Fine, Helen Frankenthaler, Sonia Gechtoff, Judith Godwin, Grace Hartigan, Elaine de Kooning, Lee Krasner, Joan Mitchell, Deborah Remington, and Ethel Schwabacher. DiMichele writes: “The big surprise in the […]

Matisse/Diebenkorn @ SFMOMA

Lawrence Gipe reviews Matisse/Diebenkorn at SFMOMA, on view through May 29, 2017. Gipe writes: “Curators Janet Bishop and Katherine Rothkopf have designed a rhythmic exhibition of ‘pairs,’ each of which is designed to illustrate Matisse’s sway over Diebenkorn… Without a doubt, Matisse/Diebenkorn delivers an intriguing narrative of inspiration and obsession: as the curators present it, […]

Matisse/Diebenkorn in Baltimore

Phyllis Tuchman reviews Matisse/Diebenkorn at the Baltimore Museum of Art, on view through January 29, 2017. Tuchman asserts: “Astonishingly, Diebenkorn’s paintings in Baltimore are never overshadowed, as you might expect, by Matisse’s masterpieces. The American … doesn’t just hold his own: he actually upstages Matisse… Like Matisse, he’s become the type of artist we expect to […]

What Diebenkorn & Matisse Taught Me
Getty Iris

Elyn Zimmerman reflects on his studies with Richard Diebenkorn on the occasion of Matisse/Diebenkorn at the Baltimore Museum of Art (through January 29, 2017) and at the San Francisco Museum of Art from March 11 – May 29, 2017. Zimmerman recalls: “A favorite topic [of Diebenkorn’s] was Henri Matisse… Diebenkorn spoke about the difficulty of […]

Matisse/Diebenkorn @ the Baltimore Museum of Art

Barry Nemett reviews Matisse/Diebenkorn at the Baltimore Museum of Art, on view through January 29, 2017. Nemet concludes: “Blurring distance and time, both men unapologetically embraced their aesthetic kindred spirits across oceans and ages, and brought them home. While passions enter artists’ studios, immaculate conceptions don’t. Connections, which give birth to creation, are at the […]

Jay DeFeo: Chancing the Ridiculous

Jay DeFeo: A Retrospective San Francisco Museum of Modern Art November 3, 2012 – June 9, 2013 Whitney Museum of American Art February 28 – June 2, 2013 Jay DeFeo’s reputation as an imporatant painter was established before the eight year period (1958-1966) in which she poured her entire vision and energy into a single […]