Color Field Painting

The Ecstatic Flow of Paint
New York Times

Roberta Smith highlights seven painting shows currently on view in New York: Ed Clark at Mnuchin Gallery (through October 20), Vivian Springford at Almine Rech Gallery (through October 20), Larry Poons at Yares Art (through October 27), Frank Bowling at Alexander Gray Associates (through October 13), Joan Mitchell at Cheim & Read (through November 3), […]

Gillian Ayres @ the National Museum Cardiff

Nick Moore reviews a retrospective exhibition of paintings by Gillian Ayres at the National Museum, Cardiff, on view through September 3, 2017. Moore begins: “The overarching sense of this exhibition is of a celebration of a painter whose work is vibrant, energetic and ambitious, but perhaps, above all, someone who has lived in painting. Ayres’s rich colour and […]

Helen Frankenthaler @ the Clark Institute

Thomas Micchelli reviews As in Nature: Helen Frankenthaler Paintings (through October 9), and No Rules: Helen Frankenthaler Woodcuts (through September 24). Both exhibitions are on view at at the Clark Institute, Williamstown, Massachusetts. Micchelli writes that both exhibitions “offer a compact, revelatory, and frequently stunning look at an artist whose reputation has been all too often yoked […]

Frank Bowling: Interview
Apollo Magazine

Imelda Barnard interviews Frank Bowling on the occasion of Bowling’s exhibition Mappa Mundi at Haus der Kunst, Munich, on view through January 7, 2018. Barnard writes: “‘The possibilities of paint are never-ending,’ Frank Bowling tells me… Bowling’s persistent urge to reinvent painting has led him to experiment with elaborate procedures – stitching, staining, pouring, dripping, spilling. […]

Helen Frankenthaler: Pure Color
LA Times

Carolina A. Miranda interviews John Elderfield, curator of Line into Color, Color into Line: Helen Frankenthaler, Paintings, 1962–1987 at Gagosian Gallery, Beverly Hills, on view through October 29, 2016. Elderfield remarks: “The traditional way, of course, is to make a drawing as the basis of a painting, then add color to it. In ‘Mountains and Sea,’ you […]

Curt Barnes on Morris Louis
Painters on Paintings

Curt Barnes writes about painter Morris Louis. Barnes writes that although Pollock and Frankenthaler made great achievements in “painting as phenomenon,” Louis “remains the most vivid for me. The usually monumental size of his work could suggest a towering ego, yet somehow it needs to fill your field of vision, occupy an entire wall to […]

John Hoyland @ Newport Street Gallery, London

For the inaugural show at Damian Hirst’s Newport Street Gallery, the artist has curated a show of paintings by the late John Hoyland.

Frank Bowling: Map Paintings
Abstract Critical

John Bunker interviews painter Frank Bowling on the occasion of the exhibition Frank Bowling: The Map Paintings 1967-1971 at Hales Gallery, London, on view through November 23, 2013. Bowing discusses his early figurative work and his transition to abstract painting. Asked about the orgin of the Map Paintings, he comments: "I was just laying the […]

On Frank Bowling
Abstract Critical

Courtney J. Martin writes about the paintings of Frank Bowling on the occasion of the exhibition Frank Bowling: Paintings 1967 – 2012 at Spanierman Modern, New York, through April 20, 2013. Martin writes that Bowling’s “poured paintings were often a combination of action painting and compositional devices, like vertical lines, that were used by the […]

John Hoyland (1934 – 2011)

Painter John Hoyland died yesterday at age 76.  Hoyland was part of the 1960 exhibition Situation: An Exhibition of British Abstract Painting, which also featured Gillian Ayres and William Turnbull. This exhibition featured large-scale abstract paintings that involved the viewer’s entire field of vision creating an immersive experience or “situation”. 1 In the 1960’s, Hoyland […]