Byron Kim’s Painting Ritual
Two Coats of Paint

Sharon Butler reviews Byron Kim: Sunday Paintings at James Cohan Gallery, New York, on view through February 17, 2018. Butler writes: “What makes [Kim’s paintings] unremarkable are their size and the undramatic skies they depict – not the complex, sublime sky paintings made by, say, great Dutch painters like Aelbert Cuyp and Jacob van Ruisdael. Instead, they are […]

R.H. Quaytman: Interview
Apollo Magazine

Lidija Haas interviews artist R.H. Quaytman whose exhibition An Evening, Chapter 32 is on view at the Secession, Vienna through January 21, 2018. Haas writes: “[Quaytman] has never once considered abandoning painting, ‘because I think it’s really the best problem in art. The plane, the picture, is the best, deepest problem.’ Photographs on the other […]

Peter Dreher: Interview
Studio International

Angeria Rigamonti di Cutò interviews painter Peter Dreher on the occasion of his exhibition Day by Day, Good Day at Mayor Gallery, London, on view through June 2, 2017. Dreher comments: “… adherence to one motif and its repetition does not represent a limitation but rather a liberation. It allows me to concentrate on what […]

Cynthia Daignault @ the Flag Art Foundation
Bomb Magazine

Ted Dodson reviews Cynthia Daignault: There is nothing I could say that I haven’t thought before, recently on view at the Flag Art Foundation, New York. Dodson writes that the show “collects three separate series of paintings. Together, they continue her signature conceptual methodology, expanding on previous considerations of viewership, representative painting, and existential feminism […]