Dan Ramirez

Dan Ramirez @ Zolla/Lieberman
New City Art

Mark Pohlad reviews at Dan Ramirez: Alatheia at Zolla/Lieberman Gallery, Chicago, on view through February 4, 2017. Pohlad writes: “Ramirez’s art builds on stark contrasts—color against monotone, geometric versus rounded forms, metallic surfaces adjacent to wood—combined in fugal counterpoint. Recalling the paintings of Barnett Newman, one of his inspirations, Ramirez’s elegant forms are decidedly vertical. […]

Dan Ramirez @ the National Museum of Mexican Art
New City Art

Mark Pohlad reviews Contemplations: Dan Ramirez Works from the Permanent Collection at the National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago, on view through October 9, 2016. Pohlad writes: “Ramirez’s works reward careful viewing. Lines gradually attenuate and vanish, the edges of pieces are painted, and shadows are cast by slightly askew interstices. But all this formal […]