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Ellen Berkenblit

Ellen Berkenblit: Interview
Sound & Vision Podcast

Brian Alfred talks to painter Ellen Berkenblit. Berkenblit comments: “If I let myself do what I naturally do physically, with a canvas, there are elements that are continuous. They’re like a diary, they keep morphing, they change. And they also become a springboard for paint and color mixing which is something that makes my heart […]

Ellen Berkenblit @ Anton Kern
New York Review of Books

Dan Nadel reviews paintings by Ellen Berkenblit recently on view at Anton Kern Gallery, New York. Nadel writes: “In defiance and celebration of the earthen black that surrounds them, the vigorously delineated horses, flowers, hands, faces, stripes, a nude, and a foot found in Ellen Berkenblit’s striking new paintings at Anton Kern Gallery are a […]