Joan Thorne

Joan Thorne: An Odyssey of Color
Two Coats of Paint

Vittorio Colaizzi reviews Joan Thorne, An Odyssey of Color at David Richard Gallery, New York. In Orango, a row of concentric green arcs – complicated by her signature trembling – frames a riotous zone of magenta, cobalt, and powdery violet. Only after some deciphering does the sequence and nature of layers become apparent, as the […]

Joan Thorne’s Musical Paintings
Supreme Fiction

James Panero reviews an exhibition of recent paintings by Joan Thorne at Sideshow Gallery, on view through November 10, 2013. Panero writes: “One of abstract painting’s earliest interests was the depiction of sound… Joan Thorne explores this legacy with a finely tuned suite of work.Like the recent sculptures of Frank Stella, which visualized Scarlatti, Thorne’s abstractions have […]