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John Constable

Constable’s Quiet Tumult
New York Review of Books

Christopher Benfey reviews three books about John Constable: John Constable: A Portrait by James Hamilton, Constable’s White Horse by William Kentridge and Aimee Ng, and Late Constable by Anne Lyles, Matthew Hargraves, and others. Benfrey reviews each book while considering the question “What do John Constable’s seductive paintings—those cunningly constructed scenes of English rural life […]

Constable and Brighton
Studio International

Anna McNay reviews Constable and Brighton at the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, on view through October 8, 2017. McNay writes: “The exhibition is structured around three walks that Constable would regularly make: westwards towards Shoreham Bay, northwards towards Devil’s Dyke, and eastwards to the Chain Pier. Largely eschewing the town centre, he would systematically […]