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Provisional Painting

A Provisional (Painting) Explanation
Brian Dupont

Brian Dupont defends the current trends of provisional and casual painting. Dupont writes: “Artists today are confronting an increasingly ramshackle future where aesthetic, political, economic, and ecological promises have been revealed as failures. If they are seeing a future where issues of scarcity become more urgent, materials must be recycled or scavenged from surplus, and long-held […]

Jim Lee: Interview
Painter's Bread

Michael Rutherford interviews painter Jim Lee about his work and process. Lee comments: "For me, it’s just about working with my materials and trying to understand how to transition from one to the next, incorporating the physical vs. the visual. Whether its pieces of wood, a slice of linen, graphite marks, oil, latex paints, rubber, […]

Maria Walker: Interview
Painter's Bread

Michael Rutherford talks to artist Maria Walker about her work. Rutherford writes: "Altered stretcher bars, torqued and triangulated planes, backs as fronts – the work of Maria Walker is a lesson in harmonizing tradition and experimentation… She has pushed her materials and flowed with them in order to elicit a distinctive sense of aesthetic truth. […]

Painting How You Feel, Not How You Should
Painter's Bread

Michael Rutherford writes about a selection of painters whose instincts are leading them to make work beyond the limits of "the plane." Rutherford writes: "Professional skateboarders have a saying, 'skate how you feel, not how you should,' and the most experimental and engaging artists have always operated just like that – working how they feel, […]