Sandro Chia

Sandro Chia at Marc Straus
Brooklyn Rail

Jonathan Goodman reviews a recent exhibition of works by Sandro Chia at Marc Straus Gallery, New York. Goodman writes: “It is hard to read Chia’s inclination for forthright feeling in an environment like ours—dominated by the market and mostly biased against a recognizable awareness of art history. In contrast, in a painting such as Looking […]

Sandro Chia @ Marc Straus
James Kalm Report

James Kalm visits an exhibition of new paintings by Sandro Chia at Marc Straus Gallery, New York, on view through April 2, 2017. Kalm notes: “In this, his first major show with Marc Straus Gallery, [Chia] shows a group of recent paintings, many featuring single figures accompanied by animals. Chia’s masterful feel for the painter’s […]