School of Paris

On Raoul Dufy

In thinking about the work of his favourite painters Sargy Mann realised that Raoul Dufy was the most extreme example of the separation of line and colour.

Leland Bell on André Derain

Blog post re-publishing Leland Bell’s seminal 1960 artice The Case for Derain as An Immortal. Bell writes: “The wholeness of [Derain’s] art is a response to the wholeness of nature. His art does not separate life into compartments: instinct here, intellect there. He didn’t paint with half of himself… Derain senses the virtue of … […]

Fernand Léger @ Centre Pompidou-Metz

Joseph Nechvatal reviews Fernand Léger: Beauty Is Everywhere at the Centre Pompidou-Metz, Metz, France, on view through October 30, 2017. Nechvatal notes that he “[prefers] Léger’s work when it points at neurocomputing wetware, biorobotics, and AI-charged automation; when it hums away in the space between the mechanic and the organic. This is when Léger functions as a […]

Roger Bissière, The Last “Primitive”

Gwenaël Kerlidou considers the work of Roger Bissière. Kerlidou writes: “With [Bissière’s] disappearance, a whole chapter of Modernism, one that we could call the ‘Primitive Paradigm,’ came to a close. The end of the primitive model in Modern art also signaled the emergence of what would later be called the Postmodern. While, in the typical […]

The Shchukin Collection at Fondation Louis Vuitton

Alan Gouk reviews Icons of Modern Art. The Collection Shchukin at The Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris, on view through March 5, 2017. Gouk writes: “This is what was so apparent in the confrontations afforded here, however many times one may have seen some of these pictures in different contexts and settings; how solidly and succulently […]

The Subtle Madness of Larry Poons & Jean Dubuffet

Robert C. Morgan reviews Jean Dubuffet and Larry Poons: Material Topologies at Loretta Howard Gallery, New York, on view through February 18, 2017. Morgan writes: “We know that both [Dubuffet and Poons] are painters, but culturally, they appear to have been informed by different attributes regarding scale and color, line, and force of visual impact… […]