Still Life

Peri Schwartz: Interview
Painting Perceptions

Larry Groff interviews painter Peri Schwartz on the occasion of her recent exhibition at Gallery NAGA in Boston. Asked about her most recent work, Schwartz comments: “My new work uses the same elements that have been my subject for almost twenty years. The difference is that in the early Studio paintings it looked more like an […]

John Lee: Interview
Savvy Painter Podcast

Antrese Wood interviews painter John Lee. Lee remarks: “I paint based on what I see … [my paintings are] about the space and the visual dynamics, the way the light creates interesting shadows or colors or forms and the way things sit and move … It’s about looking. It’s about being turned on by color and space.”

Jane Freilicher @ Paul Kasmin Gallery
Vogue Magazine

Julia Felsenthal writes about painter Jane Freilicher. A show of Jane Freilicher’s work, ’50s New York, is on view at Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York, through June 9, 2018. Felsenthal notes that Freilicher was “committed … to rooting her practice in the everyday … Domestic spaces were her creative fodder; domestication was not (‘she had […]

Paris/New York/Nexus
James Kalm Rough Cut

James Kalm visits Paris/New York/Nexus at Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects, New York, on view through April 15, 2018. The show features works by Balthus, Leland Bell, Anne Harvey, Jean Helion, Louisa Matthiasdottir, Bob Thompson, and Robert De Niro Sr. Kalm notes: “This presentation focuses on a select group of figurative artists who formed connections […]

Trevor Winkfield’s Undomesticated Imagination

John Yau reviews Trevor Winkfield: Saints, Dancers and Acrobats at Tibor de Nagy Gallery, New York, on view through March 25, 2018. Yau writes: “Modest in scale, rigorous in execution, mysterious and aloof in outcome, Winkfield’s invented forms tell us that all is not lost, that capitalism does not yet own our imagination — that […]

Michael Stamm: Interview
Sound & Vision Podcast

Brian Alfred interviews painter Michael Stamm whose exhibition Mediation Inc. was recently on view at DC Moore Gallery, New York. Stamm remarks: “I feel very melancholic for the past and for things that I have lost, and for feelings that used to have … shape and that are gone. Painting for me is like trying to […]

Catherine Murphy @ Peter Freeman, Inc.
James Kalm Report

James Kalm visits the exhibition Catherine Murphy: Recent Work at Peter Freeman Gallery, New York, on view through February 24, 2018. Kalm notes that “Catherine Murphy is probably one of the top and most conceptually challenging realists on the scene today. This show presents a wonderful selection of paintings and drawings that elicit a viewer’s questions […]

Susannah Phillips: Interview
Painting Perceptions

Larry Groff interviews painter Susannah Phillips. Phillips comments: “The important thing for me, whatever the source of the colour, be it observed or invented, it should work in the painting as a whole. I might drop the real colour of the object in favour of something I want instead; so, for example, a cloth that […]

Jennifer Packer @ The Renaissance Society
Frieze Magazine

Jennifer Piejko reviews Jennifer Packer: Tenderheaded at the Renaissance Society, University of Chicago, on view through November 5, 2017. Piejko notes that “Packer’s beautifully restrained paintings create a safe space in which to consider questions of mortality, subjectivity and belonging.”

Holly Coulis: Table Studies
Brooklyn Rail

Jason Rosenfeld reviews Holly Coulis: Table Studies at Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, New York, on view through October 22, 2017. Rosenfeld writes: “Coulis’s subjects are not erotic. They are not vanitas images. They are not naturalistic. Instead, they somehow propel you into an imaginative space of sign systems denoting some arcane language—Pale Table, Red Tumblers […]

Aubrey Levinthal @ Nancy Margolis Gallery
Gorky's Granddaughter

Zachary Keeting and Christopher Joy interview painter Aubrey Levinthal at her exhibition at Nancy Margolis Gallery, New York, on view through October 14, 2017. Levinthal remarks: “I like paintings … that when you look at first, it’s inviting, it feels good to look … but then there’s something to hold you into the painting … […]

Wayne Thiebaud: Interview
Apollo Magazine

Martin Gayford interviews painter Wayne Thiebaud on the occasion of Thiebaud’s recent exhibiton at White Cube, London. Thiebaud remarks: “‘I’d been working in food, washing dishes. That was my environment. I remember seeing pies laid out, processed food that I’d worked on, so I started painting these triangles and turning them into pies. I thought, […]

Jennifer Packer: Interview

Lee Ann Norman interviews painter Jennifer Packer whose show Tenderheaded is on view at the Renaissance Society, University of Chicago through November 5, 2017. Packer comments: “I’ve been interested for a long time in how I present or protect humans in the work. It’s not figures, not bodies, but humans I am painting. I want […]

Judith Linhares: Studio Visit
Gorky's Granddaughter

Christopher Joy and Zachary Keeting visit the studio of painter Judith Linhares. Linhares remarks: “I think of myself as a populist and I love the idea of communicating with a lot of people through images… I am interested in the figures … representing more than a portrait … something that stands for a group.”

Ruth Miller & Andrew Forge
Art New England

Cat Balco reviews works by Ruth Miller and Andrew Forge at the Washington Art Association, Washington Depot, CT, on view through August 5, 2017. Balco writes: “Like Cézanne, Miller and Forge are not interested in description, but rather revelation: of something ineffable that can only be seen through engagement with the observed world. ‘You want […]

Wayne Thiebaud @ White Cube Mason’s Yard
Studio International

Matthew Rudman reviews Wayne Thiebaud: 1962 to 2017 at White Cube Mason’s Yard, London, on view through July 2, 2017. Rudman writes: “What this exhibition makes clear is not simply Thiebaud’s longevity, with works on show dating from 1962 to 2017, but the sustained quality, experimentation and sense of play in his output … Portraits […]

Ginny Casey: Built From Broke at Mier Gallery

Ginny Casey paints forms that she would have made if she weren’t a painter, and places them in spaces that are not of this world.

Anne Harvey @ Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects

John Yau reviews Anne Harvey: Private Life at Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects, New York, on view through June 11, 2017. Yau writes: “Harvey’s observational paintings were described by John Ashbery, in 1966, as ‘the probing anguish of an almost Jamesian dissecting eye.’ Ashbery went on to state: “A curious anxiety, tempered by the exhilaration […]

Lani Irwin: Embracing the Unknown
Savvy Painter Podcast

Antrese Wood interviews painter Lani Irwin. Irwin makes an interesting connection between painting and dreams: “I like the undercurrents and the overcurrents [of symbolism in painting] … I like to have the objects in the paintings have more that’s there even though I don’t necessarily understand what it is. It’s like a dream … as you start to tell […]

Ginny Casey in Philadelphia
Two Coats of Paint

Becky Huff Hunter writes about the paintings of Ginny Casey, on view in the exhibition Ginny Casey & Jessi Reaves at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, through August 6, 2017. Hunter writes: “This impossible composition [of Moody Blue Studio, 2017], as well as those of the other ten paintings, is reminiscent of art school still […]