Trudy Benson

Painting as Total Environment

Jason Stopa writes about “Laura Owens, Keltie Ferris, Rachel Rossin, and Trudy Benson — artists who have explored multi-media paintings that rival sculpture.” “These works,” Stopa argues, “feel constructed as opposed to made, and engage with several forms of tactility, illusion, and physical depth. In a time in which younger artists continue to churn out […]

Trudy Benson: Interview
Art F City

Irena Jurek interviews painter Trudy Benson whose work will be on view at Ribordy Contemporary, Geneva (March 23 – May 11) and Galerie Bernard Ceysson, Paris (March 24 – May 13). Benson comments: “my work in the past had been so invested in digital media as a reference. It was an interesting enough idea for […]

Trudy Benson: Studio Visit

Jonathan Chapline and Lorraine Nam visit Trudy Benson's studio on the occasion of her solo exhibition Paint at Horton Gallery, New York, on view from April 25 – June 2 , 2013. Benson discusses her process: "For the most part for these paintings, I feel like they are a collage of different painting moves and I […]