It has always been my hope to create a free place or area of life where an idea can transcend politics, ambition, and commerce. It will perhaps remain a hope. But I must believe that somewhere there may be an exception.

Clyfford Still, An Open Letter to an Art Critic, Artforum, December 1963 1

In less than a month, on November 18th, the Clyfford Still Museum will open to the public and Still’s hope will, in some sense, become a reality. Still successfully protected 94 percent of his work (2400 works) from politics, commerce, and the ambition of others. Hopefully the nearly complete body of work will transform the museum into a meditative space where Still’s ideas can roam free.

According to the Denver Post more than 100 of the 2400 works (including paintings, works on paper, and sculptures) will be on view for the opening.  The video below provides a preview of some of the paintings being installed.


1 Quoted in Clyfford Still, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, edited by John P. O’Neill, 1979.