Sponsor: Golden Artist Colors

A retrospective exhibition of works by Gillian Ayres is on view at the Jerwood Gallery (in cooperatation with Alan Cristea Gallery) thorough November 25, 2012.

This 1988 video interview with Ayres by Geoffrey Robinson (below) was recently re-edited for the web. During this extended look into the artist’s studio, viewers see Ayres at work and hear her thoughts on painting. She remarks:

“Painting is about the area or size of the canvas you choose and how you relate marks on that area… you’re doing area against area of color. On that area, this chosen area, the thing has to work. It doesn’t only have to work… one hopes it touches the soul… at the end of it. It has to do a lot more things at the end of the line but it also does have to work visually in that way. Perhaps surprise too, and shock… I mean in those areas of color, I don’t mean shock in an other sort of literal way. I mean within itself… It probably sets up moods, it probably sets up poetry… it has to do lots of things, but you still only read it as it’s put down, as these marks.”

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