One of a series of videos posted by Betty Cuningham Gallery, painter Judy Glantzman discusses her work and her idea of art.

Glantzman notes her interest in “the combination of a kind of a contrivance and a kind of truth – truth and contrivance simultaneously – that’s what I think of as art… when I mean true, it’s that I am not conscious of what my painting is going to look like, I’m more engaging in a relationship…” She continues: “I came from a kind of self-portrait orientation… the more I’m in it the truer it is and the more I’m in it the less it is about me… There’s two things going on. One of them is the sort of desire to reveal myself to myself, and therefore if that’s honest then other people respond. The other part of it is, it’s inseparable from the building of something, it’s a visual language…”

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