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Leon Kossoff, Red Brick School Building, Winter, 1982, oil on board, 48 by 60 inches (courtesy of Mitchell-Innes & Nash)

Leon Kossoff: London Landscapes
Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York
November 5 – December 21, 20133

In a new video produced on the occasion of his exhibition London Landscapes, painter Leon Kossoff discusses his work and approach to painting. The artist remarks that the experience of painting is:

“all about space and movement and light, and every time you look you see something different, you experience some thing different… In the end all the differences amount to a sort of presence. For me it’s a process of going on drawing, just going on drawing until something happens, and then you realize that you can start painting… not being able to do it is part of being able to do it…”

Discussing the central importance of observation to his process he adds:

I can’t help it, the visual, seeing things turns me on… I go out into the street in the morning and suddenly my mood has changed completely because I see just a few trees.”

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