Painters’ Table Most Popular Posts: January

Brett Baker

Snowbound January days, it seems, were good for painting, reading, and blogging at least if the painting blogosphere is an indicator.  Painters’ Table continues to feature posts from artist bloggers alongside more mainstream arts media to create a unique mix of painting coverage from across the web.

Thanks to all who continue to submit blogs.  Painters’ Table now follows approximately 400 blogs that post regularly about painting.  New blogs are added to the blogroll as we feature their content.

Also, if you haven’t done so, please consider becoming a Painters’ Table Facebook fan or follow Painters’ Table on Twitter.

Lastly, in support of the Painters’ Table mission – to give artists an equal voice in arts media – we will also be blogging the most popular posts each month (as clicked on by you the readers) here and on Huffington Post Arts. Stay tuned and enjoy this month’s most popular posts below…

* UPDATE * The January Top 10 is now on Huffington Post Arts!

“Battle of the Brush”
Vivid: Female Currents in Painting
Catherine Maize
Thought Patterns
Jake Berthot at Betty Cuningham
Unadventurous painting in NYC?
Sideshow’s Painting Yearbook
Thoughts On Changing Sensibility
Achieving Success: Alice Neel
Mazurki: Guston’s Multiple Meanings

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