Christopher Le Brun: Interview
Brooklyn Rail

Barbara Rose interviews painter Christopher Le Brun. Le Brun comments: “Painting wants to be spatial. It has a compass in it that switches to north, and the north of painting is space… But painting is also—which is not said enough, at a high level—extremely difficult. Because you’re not trying to simplify the situation, you’re trying […]

Joan Wadleigh Curran: Interview
Painting Perceptions

Larry Groff interviews painter Joan Wadleigh Curran. Curran remarks: “I think of my approach as a kind of hybrid involving careful description that incorporates still life and a kind of portraiture. I find objects seductive and hope for a kind of animism in how I paint them. I am particularly interested in the power of […]

Jack Whitten: Interview
Brooklyn Rail

Jarrett Earnest interviews painter Jack Whitten whose work is on view at Hauser & Wirth, New York through April 8, 2017. Whitten comments: “Without a doubt, the sculpture has had more influence on my painting than anything else. The concept of light is different in a sculptor’s mind than it is in a painter’s. When […]

Tal R: Interview

Jennifer Samet interviews painter Tal R whose exhibition Tal R: Keyhole is on view at Cheim & Read through February 11, 2017. Tal R remarks: “Bonnard and Matisse are much more dangerous to get close to than some Surrealist painter from Helsinki in the 1940s. Think about the artists your mother would like (and who […]

Carl Ostendarp: Interview

Craig Drennen interviews painter Carl Ostendarp whose work is on view at Elizabeth Dee Gallery, New York, through February 25, 2017. Ostendarp remarks: “Well there is secret stuff in the paintings! In addition to the images, there’s a crackpot math thing that I do. And there’s an idea about the ‘field’ that’s as much American […]

Ryan Nord Kitchen: Interview
Painting is Dead

Scott Robinson interviews painter Ryan Nord Kitchen. Kitchen remarks: “Paintings are these things that are consciously presented to a viewer. When you stand in front of a show, I think an indicator of its success is a compelling desire to contemplate why the artist decided to show you this particular group of objects. Painting has […]

Susan Abbott: Interview
Painting Perceptions

Larry Groff interviews painter Susan Abbott. Abbott remarks: “I used to go back and forth on trying to figure out how to construct my paintings. It felt like a very big philosophical issue to me, and was exhausting (much more so than the actual painting) to try to decide whether there was a right and […]

Stanley Whitney: Interview
Modern Art Notes

Tyler Green talks to painter Stanley Whitney whose work is currently on view at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, through April 2, 2017. Whitney remarks: “… So I go to Egypt … I’m looking at the pyramids, I’m looking at the tombs, I’m looking at the frescoes on the wall, and then it […]

Marina Adams: Interview

Katy Donoghue interviews painter Marina Adams whose show Soft Power is on view at Salon 94 Bowery, New York, through February 22, 2016. Adams remarks: “I was at the Alhambra, I must have been in my twenties, in Grenada at the Moorish Palace. It’s all tiled. So I was not looking at abstract expressionist paintings, […]

Rezi van Lankveld: Interview
Studio International

Allie Biswas interviews painter Rezi van Lankveld whose exhibition Schelper is on view at Petzel Gallery, New York through February 25, 2017. Van Lankveld explains: “I pour paint to make a ‘happening’ in the painting, to make a line or block without touching it, so it can be pure, like a natural thing. Most important […]

Kate Liebman: Interview
Two Coats of Paint

Debbi Kenote interviews painter Kate Liebman. Liebman remarks: “Every decision I make I want there to be a formal reason and another level of meaning, so it works on multiple layers… When I see the paintings, I can’t help but see them in reference to the original image, but the viewer doesn’t necessarily have that. […]

Caragh Thuring: Interview
Studio International

Alexander Glover interviews painter Caragh Thuring whose work is on view at Thomas Dane Gallery, London,through January 21, 2017. In the introduction Glover notes: “Although Thuring’s work has become synonymous with painting directly on to unprimed linen, this exhibition marks a turning point, in which the artist has collaborated with weavers from Suffolk and Belgium. […]

Derek Buckner: Interview
Painting Perceptions

Larry Groff interviews painter Derek Buckner whose work was recently on view at George Billis Gallery, New York. Buckner notes: “… one of the reasons I am drawn to the industrial landscape is because it is visually different than what we see in our usual urban surroundings. The trucks are different, the structures are different, they […]

Dennis Kardon & Alexi Worth in Conversation

Dennis Kardon and Alexi Worth discuss their paintings on the occasion of the recent exhibition Dennis Kardon & Alexi Worth: Within Reach at Myers School of Art, the University of Akron. Exhibition curator Matthew Kolodziej noted that Kardon and Worth “share a mutual engagement with how narrative, material, and perception intersect. Within these visual narratives, the […]

Fabienne Verdier: Interview
Studio International

Anna McNay interviews painter Fabienne Verdier whose exhibition Rhythms and Reflections is on view at Waddington Custot, London through February 4, 2017. Verdier remarks: “All my work is a kind of meditation. When I create a background for a work, I do so layer after layer. I first try to create a kind of vibration. Then […]

Clarity Haynes: Studio Visit
Gorky's Granddaughter

Zachary Keeting and Christopher Joy visit the studio of painter Clarity Haynes. Haynes remarks: “Realism with a captial ‘R’ in many ways I do think is inherently political because it isn’t taking us away from the world as we know it, it’s forcing us to look at it.”

Grant Drumheller: Interview
Painting Perceptions

Larry Groff interviews painter Grant Drumheller whose work will be on view at the Prince Street Gallery, New York from December 1 – 29, 2016. Drumheller remarks: “The notion of making a painting is the farthest thing from my mind. I want a painting experience! Even when I am painting a small image, the beginning […]

Alex Katz: Interview

Jennifer Samet interviews painter Alex Katz. Katz remarks: “So many things can be great subject matter. I could be looking at Nefertiti, and that could be something I see today. But it also could be movies and billboards and TV. I think everything in our culture is potential subject matter. You go into these areas […]

Judith Simonian: Studio Visit
Gorky's Granddaughter

Christopher Joy and Zachary Keeting visit the studio of painter Judith Simonian. Simonian comments: “I don’t try to make stories … I welcome any stories, any interpretations that come into it, but it’s not my job to tell a story… I feel sometimes like I’m really enjoying pretending I’m an abstract artist … but then […]

Mary Jones: Interview

Brenda Zlamany interviews painter Mary Jones whose exhibition Proxima b is on view at John Molloy Gallery, New York, through November 26, 2016. Jones comments: “When I use a roller it has a motion and a weight that’s specific to the tool, and an extension of my body. I want it to be physical. It’s […]