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The Edge and a Little Beyond

Six abstract artists push out the edge of the painting. The work, verging on sculpture, clearly comes from a painter’s mind.

Conversation with Zachary Keeting

Zachary Keeting’s works evoke the beauty, emotion, order, and mayhem that lie just below the surface of everyday experience.

Joanne Freeman: In Conversation

In Joanne Freeman’s works, a richness of color, specificity of light, and a languid sense of movement arise naturally from the painting process.

DeShawn Dumas: Interview

DeShawn Dumas prefers materials that possess troubled pasts in addition to their aesthetic qualities.

Leslie Bell: Interview
Painter's Bread

Michael Rutherford interviews painter Leslie Bell about his work and process. Bell remarks: "The history of painterly expression goes back to the caves but skips generations along the way. The pendulum swings…loose; tight; loose; tight. What excites me most is a dynamic combination of description and expression. I remember as a little kid marveling at […]

Steven Cox: Interview
Painter's Bread

Michael Rutherford interviews painter Steven Cox about his work and process. Cox remarks: "At base, I am influenced by the notion of temporality, where the inevitability of change unpredictably alters the appearance and formation of an item. I tend to apply this understanding of temporality to how I approach the making of my work whilst […]

Guy Corriero: Interview
Painter's Bread

Michael Rutherford interviews artist Guy Corriero about his work. Corriero, who makes both painting and sculpture, says of his paintings: "I have been building my paintings the same way for a long time; hand-made, irregular rectangles cut from 1/8" poplar sheets with a frame-type edge glued on, then layering them with many coats traditional gesso […]

Trudy Benson: Studio Visit

Jonathan Chapline and Lorraine Nam visit Trudy Benson's studio on the occasion of her solo exhibition Paint at Horton Gallery, New York, on view from April 25 – June 2 , 2013. Benson discusses her process: "For the most part for these paintings, I feel like they are a collage of different painting moves and I […]

Robert Janitz: Interview
Painter's Bread

Michael Rutherford interviews painter Robert Janitz about his work. Rutherford's introduction begins: "Paint on canvas and their combined affect on a viewer are what painting is all about. I can’t help but admire an artist who uses those materials in a bold matter-of-fact way, and the paintings of Robert Janitz are exactly what I mean. […]

Halsey Hathaway: Interview

An interview accompanying an exhibition of new paintings by Halsey Hathaway at Rawson Projects, Brooklyn, New York.

Al Held’s Visual Thresholds

The graphic monumentality of Al Held’s Alphabet Paintings comes from vigorously painted architectonic arrangements of letterforms painted on near-mural scale canvases.

Conversation with Megan Marlatt

Margaret McCann interviews painter Megan Marlatt.

Amanda Friedman: Interview
Painter's Bread

Michael Rutherford interviews painter Amanda Friedman about her work and studio practice. Friedman's work was recently on view at Eli Ping, New  York. Rutherford writes that "the expansive, sprawling swaths of paper that Amanda Friedman refers to as Thought-forms have pulled me into their orbit and provided plenty to think about. The painted surfaces, existing […]

Jonathan Allmaier: Painting-Culture
Painter's Bread

Michael Rutherford talks to painter Jonathan Allmaier about his work. Allmaier comments: "I think the key to letting the paintings make themselves is to regard the materials, along with their contingent circumstances (and it’s silly to think of circumstances as separable from an object anyway) as mental states, without distinction from a particular physical state. […]

Michael Aitken: In Studio

Jonathan Chapline and Lorraine Nam visit the studio of painter Michael Aitken. Asked about his process Aitken remarks that "a lot of the paintings are begun intuitively. I’d say by about one third of the way in, I’ll make a move that decides the direction of the piece, and from there I’ll pull in imagery […]

Trent Miller: Interview

Trent Miller’s presents his highly-complex and personal vision through paintings and drawings in which the observed world and that of the imagination harmoniously coexist.

Collin Hatton: Studio Visit

Studio visit and interview with painter Collin Hatton. Hatton comments on his interest in the "interaction between the materiality and the image interacting and fusing together in some way. I think a big part of these paintings is treating them, treating the paintings as images as well as objects and how those objects react in […]

Farrell Brickhouse: Interview
Painter's Bread

Michael Rutherford interviews painter Farrell Brickhouse about his work and process. Brickhouse comments: "One question I ask when entering the studio is, 'what needs to be said, what can my art contain?' My studio time is not unique, it runs the whole gamut: from the workman-like strokes that one makes until something more significant can […]

Mary Jones: Interview

Jonathan Chapline and Lorraine Nam visit the Chelsea studio of painter Mary Jones. Jones comments that in her paintings "there’s an implied figure and it’s usually sort of a very ancient prehistoric Greek Cycladic reference. I wanted to reference something prehistoric and from the beginning of human history to sort of connect with that primal […]

Margaret McCann: Interview

In works rich in both allusion and painterly craft, McCann merges careful observation, popular culture, and an encyclopedic knowledge of the tradition of painting.