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Jim Lee: Interview
Painter's Bread

Michael Rutherford interviews painter Jim Lee about his work and process. Lee comments: "For me, it’s just about working with my materials and trying to understand how to transition from one to the next, incorporating the physical vs. the visual. Whether its pieces of wood, a slice of linen, graphite marks, oil, latex paints, rubber, […]

Maria Walker: Interview
Painter's Bread

Michael Rutherford talks to artist Maria Walker about her work. Rutherford writes: "Altered stretcher bars, torqued and triangulated planes, backs as fronts – the work of Maria Walker is a lesson in harmonizing tradition and experimentation… She has pushed her materials and flowed with them in order to elicit a distinctive sense of aesthetic truth. […]

Tenses of Landscape

A new show “presents both broad and dynamic depictions of landscape revealed as motif.”

Page Whitmore: Interview
Painter's Bread

Michael Rutherford interviews painter Page Whitmore. Whitmore remarks: "I derive immense tactile pleasure from making and materiality. In alignment with some of the tensions in my work, achieving a high level of craft is important to me with the minimalist painting-esque objects, whereas some works I show are industrially manufactured; almost artless. My work has […]

Clinton King: Interview
Painter's Bread

Michael Rutherford interviews artist Clinton King about his work and making a shift from sculpture to painting. In the sculptures, King remarks, "I often worked with a material in a 'natural way' letting the object and material 'just be.' Working in this way I developed sensitivity and a lightness of touch. This later grew into […]

A Conversation With Patrick Jones

Over the course of a long career, Jones has developed a rich visual language and applied his rigorous, abstract process to a wide range of interests from Dogon carvings to political injustice.

Osamu Kobayashi: Interview
Painter's Bread

Michael Rutherford interviews painter Osamu Kobayashi. Kobayashi notes that "Paint became my medium of choice for a couple of reasons… It never seemed 'dead' to me. I also liked paint's unpredictability. When approaching my work, I usually have an intention in mind, but often, what I have in mind is different than what actually happens […]

Re-Generation: Josef Albers’ Legacy of Teaching

The new exhibition Re-Generation “traces the regeneration of thought in painting and art education.”

Peter Shear: Interview
Studio Critical

Valerie Brennan interviews painter Peter Shear about his work and process. Shear remarks that “Sometimes images are allowed to evolve organically but more often I’ll paint everything out that isn’t working. The discarded image is still there; the memory is still there influencing the painting but it informs indirectly… It’s become increasingly important to leave […]

Jered Sprecher: Interview
Painter's Bread

Michael Rutherford interviews painter Jered Sprecher. About his painting process Sprecher notes: "The paintings are not planned out; in effect I am constantly introducing contingencies to each work. Limits and unexpected occurrences are barriers to be embraced, challenged, and creatively addressed. If I look at the logic that resides in a particular painting or work […]

Reimagining Bruegel
Huffington PostSpread ArtCulture

Kiša Lala interviews director Lech Majewski about his new film, The Mill and the Cross, where he seeks to recreate Bruegel’s paintings on film. Majewski notes that Bruegel “is a realist in looking at human conditions. He is a profound observer. I feel a lot of compassion in his paintings, a softening for Flanders and […]

Michael Dopp: Interview
Painter's Bread

Michael Rutherford interviews Los Angeles-based painter Michael Dopp about his work and studio process. Dopp notes: "I usually spend some of my time working on something that is very deliberate and planned out, while also having works in the studio which are filled with accidents and incidentals. And somehow, maybe just through an imagined osmosis […]

Kayla Mohammadi: Interview

“My paintings start from observation. I use seeing as a way to structure my painting. I can always go back to observation in my work if the paintings aren’t working.”

Interview with Painters’ Table Editor Brett Baker

Painter Valerie Brennan has posted an interview with me about my work on her blog Studio Critical.  Her questions (asked of each painter she interviews) illuminate the day to day practice of being an artist including studio views and works in progress.   You can read the interview on Studio Critical.