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Dannielle Tegeder: Interview
Brooklyn Rail

Sarah Goffstein interviews painter Dannielle Tegeder whose installation, Infrastructure, is on view at the Montclair Art Museum through June 30, 2017. Tegeder remarks: “It’s a really interesting question as to whether abstract painting can still have that political impulse and impact. Even though my work embodies ephemeral spaces, I think it also talks about borders […]

Susan Rothenberg @ Sperone Westwater

Andrew Russeth talks to painter Susan Rothenberg about the works in her show at Sperone Westwater, New York, on view through December 20, 2016. Russeth writes that Rothenberg’s new paintings “are focused and tough—stunning, in a word. One shows a ferocious-looking raven with pale pink feathers against what one might call a classic Rothenberg background—patchy […]

Bruce Gagnier: Interview

Christine Hughes and Donald Martineaw-Vega interview artist Bruce Gagnier. Gagnier observes: “Depth in painting and sculpture has many driving forces and, in some cases, is not easy to recognize without a fully developed plastic consciousness. Mondrian has depth for me because it has such a great system of proportion. And I don’t mean just internal […]

Susan Jane Walp: Interview
Savvy Painter Podcast

Antrese Wood interviews painter Susan Jane Walp. In her introduction, Wood writes: “[we] talk about how Walp constructs her paintings, and how she balances precision with those spontaneous a-ha moments. We dive pretty deep into how she sets up her subjects. She has the patience to leave things open enough for change and for something larger than […]

Daniel John Gadd: Studio Visit
Gorky's Granddaughter

Zachary Keeting and Christopher Joy visit the studio of Daniel John Gadd whose exhibition For The Moon is on view at David&Schweitzer Contemporary, through November 13th, 2016.

Joan Semmel: Interview
Brooklyn Rail

Laila Pedro interviews painter Joan Semmel whose works were recently on view at at Alexander Gray Associates, New York. Semmel remarks: “I talk about [political and cultural] issues because they’re motivational. But I want the work to be seen as my painting, and the painting has been an essential and complete involvement for me, all the way […]

Jan Maarten Voskuil: Interview
Visual Discrepancies

Brent Hallard interviews Jan Maarten Voskuil. Hallard opens the discussion noting that Voskuil’s works are: “Deceptively simple, singularly shaped and formed, canvases bloom from the wall each in a different color. Hung together they suggest a word, a string of them, arranged to convey the written form, though any attempt to decipher or push this […]

Suzanne Joelson: Interview
Two Coats of Paint

Michele Araujo interviews Suzanne Joelson on the occasion of Joelson’s exhibition Slipping Systems at Studio 10, Bushwick, Brooklyn, on view through November 13, 2016. Joelson comments: “I plot things out and let unanticipated relationships happen. The plot becomes a launching pad for a more open activity… The source and implications of my materials are engaging, but […]

Jane Fine: Studio Visit
Gorky's Granddaughter

Zachary Keeting and Christopher Joy interview artist Jane Fine. Fine remarks: “You don’t have to spend the same amount of time on every part of the painting… you can have a very large area [of the painting] that takes you two seconds and a small little thing that you spend eighteen hours on.”

Katherine Bradford: Interview
Bomb Magazine

Samuel Jablon interviews painter Katherine Bradford. Bradford comments: “I think knowing when to stop, knowing when you have a work of art in front of you, now that takes a special kind of eye. And in order to be able to do that you have to be pretty savvy about what’s going on… There has to […]

Nicole Wittenberg: Interview
Two Coats of Paint

Kate Liebman interviews Nicole Wittenberg on the occasion of Wittenberg’s show The Yellow Kiss at yours mine & ours, New York through October 16, 2016. Wittenberg comments: “I spend a lot of time looking at photographs and things online, facebook, instagram, and also out in the world taking pictures and make observational drawings. I do […]

Kyle Staver: Interview
Figure/Ground Communication

Gwendolyn Zabicki interviews Kyle Staver whose paintings are on view at Kent Fine Art, New York, on view through October 22, 2016. Staver comments: “I think there is a huge need to communicate, to tell stories. It is primal. I’m not saying that installation pieces aren’t communicating, but there is such a long history of […]

Sarah Walker: Interview

Mary Jones interviews painter Sarah Walker on the occasion of Walker’s show Space Machines at Pierogi, New York, on view through October 9, 2016. Walker comments: “I feel the title ‘Space Machines’ is relevant here, in that my work can generate a different sensibility of existing in space, an alternate form of cosmos. I feel they […]

Eve Aschheim: Interview
Huffington PostJohn Seed

John Seed interviews Eve Aschheim on the occasion of her exhibition Drawings and Photograms at Lori Bookstein Fine Art, New York, on view through October 15, 2016. Aschheim remarks: “[The photograms] began at the instigation of Emmet Gowin, a Princeton colleague, who thought we could shine light through my mylar drawings to make photograms. It […]

Ying Li: Interview
Painting Perceptions

Larry Groff interviews painter Ying Li on the occasion of her exhibition Geographies at Haverford College, on view through October 7, 2016. Li comments: “I think these two are really one thing; they’re so tied together, looking out and then looking in on the canvas. I try to make that switch as short as possible […]

Sean Scully: Interview
Studio International

Allie Biswas interviews painter Sean Scully on the occasion of the exhibition Sean Scully: The Eighties at Mnuchin Gallery, New York, on view through October 22, 2016. Asked about the new direction of his work in the 80’s Scully remarks: “I got impatient with the precious remoteness of high-end abstraction. I wanted to bring painting back to […]

Helen Frankenthaler: Pure Color
LA Times

Carolina A. Miranda interviews John Elderfield, curator of Line into Color, Color into Line: Helen Frankenthaler, Paintings, 1962–1987 at Gagosian Gallery, Beverly Hills, on view through October 29, 2016. Elderfield remarks: “The traditional way, of course, is to make a drawing as the basis of a painting, then add color to it. In ‘Mountains and Sea,’ you […]

Samuel Jablon: Interview
Arte Fuse

Laura Mylott Manning interviews artist Samuel Jablon on the occasion of his show Over Heard at Diane Rosenstein Gallery, L.A., on view through October 15, 2016. Jablon comments: “I was writing a lot of poetry and I was painting a lot. I always felt both were missing something… so I combined them. The combination of […]

Joan Semmel: Interview

Clarity Haynes interviews painter Joan Semmel on the occasion of the Semmel’s exhibition of new work at Alexander Gray Associates, New York, on view through October 15, 2016. In the introduction Haynes writes: “For her new exhibition … Semmel has created 12 large paintings, many of which have two layers, each with a nude self-portrait. […]

Li Huasheng: Interview
Studio International

Lilly Wei interviews artist Li Huasheng. In her introduction, Wei writes: “Li’s point of view seems similar in orientation to that of Agnes Martin, say, although he believes art should be pure, and eastern and western cultures, evolving separately, are utterly different. Line, nonetheless, is of vital importance to both artists and “everything,” says Li, […]