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Anna Kunz: Interview

Michael Rutherford interviews painter Anna Kunz about her work.

Asked about the "supplemental appendages" that extend from her paintings, Kunz remarks: "They gesture out to the viewer. The space around the painting is included, and the painting breaks a little free of its format. The shadows that are created by the work are implicated. I do this because I can’t tell what the art is—is it the object, or the art coupled with activity around the object that is most interesting? The conversations, the movements, other outside elements near the work, etc… The 'nets' are transparent elements that can filter color and light and cast those ideas out into the space. I think a lot about non-containment and also about how the work can breathe and be ever changing. In taking color and experience as my subject, I’m thinking about it as an organic ever-changing element and how I can reflect the body either on or through the paintings for that reason."