Painting and Architecture

Caroline Walker: Interview
Studio International

Emily Spicer interviews painter Caroline Walker. Walker comments: “My work definitely engages with that history of painting women, which has largely cast the male artist as the portrayer of the female realm. I suppose I’m revisiting that, but through a female gaze. And I’m interested in whether the knowledge that something has been painted by […]

Dana Clancy: Sightlines
Big Red & Shiny

Stace Brandt reviews Dana Clancy: Sightlines at Alpha Gallery, Boston. Brandt writes: “What resonates most about Sightlines is Clancy’s democratic treatment of the surface: she examines and activates every square inch of the picture plane. To isolate a fragment of one of Clancy’s painting is to reveal a series of tiny, abstract, symbiotic worlds. “

Dana Clancy @ Alpha Gallery
Boston Globe Arts

Cate McQuaid reviews Dana Clancy: Sightlines at Alpha Gallery, Boston, on view through April 5, 2017. McQuaid writes: “[Clancy] transforms vitrines, windows, the glass surrounding the MFA’s courtyard, and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum’s greenhouse into mirrors and lenses. Images bounce and bend, rippling through and transforming familiar places into enigmas…. Ordinarily, we parse experience […]

Anna Kunz: Interview
Painter's Bread

Michael Rutherford interviews painter Anna Kunz about her work. Asked about the "supplemental appendages" that extend from her paintings, Kunz remarks: "They gesture out to the viewer. The space around the painting is included, and the painting breaks a little free of its format. The shadows that are created by the work are implicated. I […]