Brenda Goodman Turns Towards the Light

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Deborah Krieger writes about Brenda Goodman’s recent paintings which will be on view in Goodman’s show In a New Space at David & Schweitzer Contemporary, New York, from September 8 – October 1, 2017.

Krieger writes: “The visual language and vocabulary Goodman has used—and continues to use—to reflect her frame of mind is always evolving, forever guided by her “intuitive” approach. And often the meaning—that ineffable thing—is something that isn’t necessarily there from the start, but arises more organically as the painting is completed or even as viewers take it in for the first time. As she says, ‘sometimes meanings come to me during the process of painting[…] sometimes the painting just is what it is, and I learn something about its meaning from other people’s eyes and responses. But always my work comes from my heart, and viewers find the emotion it communicates for themselves.'”

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