Emily Berger: Rhythm and Light

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D. Dominick Lombardi reviews Emily Berger: Rhythm and Light at Walter Wickiser Gallery, New York, on view through October 25, 2017.

Lombardi begins: “Emily Berger’s abstract paintings are the product of an intuitive process. Berger sees them as being about ‘thought and vision; they deal with light, space, movement, rhythm, color, speed and change, point and counterpoint, structure and gesture, – and through those things the emotion and meaning is carried’. Her art is a give and take of expressive line and harmonizing color that builds and shapes the work. Lines that appear and recede create buoyant gesture and rhythmic movement, while wispy masses of patched together color quiver like leaves in a soft breeze. We see the familiar here and there, the suggestion of something tangible, something solid, yet we are unsure enough to keep both open and focused in a mildly meditative state as we search for the message in the medium.”

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