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Leslie Roberts: FYEO @ Minus Space

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James Kalm visits the exhibition Leslie Roberts: FYEO at Minus Space, New York, and talks with the artist about her work. The show is on view through October 29, 2016.

Kalm notes: “Making works on panel created through a process of textual coding and graphic design, Roberts has created one of the most inventive and engaging bodies of “conceptual painting” to be seen anywhere. Snatching bits of “throw away” language, the kinds of phrases seen hundreds of times daily on subway signage or usage contracts, Roberts then establishes graphic equivalents using a grid layout. Through an obsessive persistence in following a preconceived system, the artists fills in a grid of corresponding squares, which result in brilliantly hued patterned pictures recalling fine patchwork or the playful abstractions of Paul Klee.”

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