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Painting and Language

Leslie Roberts: FYEO @ Minus Space
James Kalm Report

James Kalm visits the exhibition Leslie Roberts: FYEO at Minus Space, New York, and talks with the artist about her work. The show is on view through October 29, 2016. Kalm notes: “Making works on panel created through a process of textual coding and graphic design, Roberts has created one of the most inventive and […]

Rochelle Feinstein: The Big Picture
Art in America

Faye Hirsch reviews the recent exhibition Rochelle Feinstein: I Made a Terrible Mistake at the Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, Munich. The show will be on view at the Bronx Museum of the Arts from June 27 – September 22, 2018. Hirsch begins: “Rochelle Feinstein is tough on painting while remaining a true believer. Work by […]

Reading Cy Twombly
The Paris Review Daily

Mary Jacobus blogs about the “inventive use of literary quotation and allusion throughout [CyTwombly’s] long career and his relation to poetry as an inspiration for his art,” the subject of her new book Reading Cy Twombly: Poetry in Paint (Princeton University Press).

Samuel Jablon: Interview
Arte Fuse

Laura Mylott Manning interviews artist Samuel Jablon on the occasion of his show Over Heard at Diane Rosenstein Gallery, L.A., on view through October 15, 2016. Jablon comments: “I was writing a lot of poetry and I was painting a lot. I always felt both were missing something… so I combined them. The combination of […]