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Milton Resnick: 3 Poems

Jerome Rothenberg writes about Milton Resnick’s poetry and posts three unpublished poems by the painter.

Rothenberg also writes that “Resnick was a very visible & dynamic artist when we met him in the early 1960s, but beyond that he was also a persistent practitioner of poetry, less in a public sense than as a release for feelings & ideas that were a necessary supplement to his life’s work as a painter” Rothenberg continues, noting that Resnick “left behind at least 16 envelopes of unpublished, often handwritten poetry with some 40 poems in each. The poems that follow (the last one in particular) were written in the desperation of his later years, when the overall brightness of his early abstractions had changed to figurative depictions of what I would take, rightly or wrongly, as the terror (still luminous) within.”