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Milton Resnick

Discovering Milton Resnick

John Skoyles blogs about Milton Resnick: Painter in the Age of Painting, Geoffrey Dorfman’s new manuscript about New York School painter Milton Resnick. Skoyles writes: “The narrative contains transcriptions of interviews about the lives of artists of that period. Dorfman’s and Resnick’s sensibilities complement each other perfectly. As Dorfman notes, ‘There are two voices running […]

Milton Resnick: Allegory & Insignia
New City Art

Alan Pocaro reviews Milton Resnick: Allegory & Insignia at Mana Contemporary Chicago, on view through December 26, 2014. “Despite the best efforts of our materialist society to rid the world of anything that can’t be quantified, measured and easily referenced, the belief that signs, symbols and images possess a special kind of power is still […]

Milton Resnick at Mana Contemporary

Jonathan Goodman reviews the exhibiton Milton Resnick (1917-2004): Paintings and Works on Paper from the Milton Resnick and Pat Passlof Foundation at Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, New Jersey, on view through August 1, 2014. Goodman writes: “Resnick lived his artistic life under the shadow of more famous painters, but that fact should not be allowed to […]

Milton Resnick: Painting to Live

Geoffrey Dorfman discusses the life and work of painter Milton Resnick.

Milton Resnick: 3 Poems
Poems and Poetics

Jerome Rothenberg writes about Milton Resnick’s poetry and posts three unpublished poems by the painter. Rothenberg also writes that “Resnick was a very visible & dynamic artist when we met him in the early 1960s, but beyond that he was also a persistent practitioner of poetry, less in a public sense than as a release […]

Milton Resnick Speaks

In a recently posted audio recording, Milton Resnick speaks about painting and his work.