Milton Resnick: The Elephant in the Room
Cheim & Read, New York
October 2011

Painter Geoffrey Dorfman, author/editor of Out of the Picture: Milton Resnick and the New York School and a definitive resource on Resnick, has recently posted an audio recording of Resnick speaking about painting and his work at the Englewood Library in New Jersey on October 13, 1978. The video, like Dorfman’s book, can make you feel like Resnick is in the room, or like you are attending one if his lectures.

Dorfman has titled the video There’s a Measure Called Recognition after Resnick’s opening statement of the recording:

There’s a measure, which is called recognition. There’s a measure which is called the foot, the inch, the pound, and there’s a measure which is much more strong in your life, which is recognition. You recognize people. You recognize character. You recognize something that frightens you. You recognize qualities which cannot be measured except in this thing within your emotion.

At Logos Journal you can also read excerpts from Dorfman’s book, where Resnick speaks in depth about the development of his work throughout his career.

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