Sarah Faux: Interview

Jonathan Chapline and Lorraine Nam interview painter Sarah Faux.

Faux comments: “I think a lot in analogies between the substance of paint and bodily fluid. Like oil paint being a physical oily skin, or poured pigment reading as blood, urine, semen… The physicality of paint and the experience of living inside a fleshy mass are intertwined for me. And I experience the dichotomy of my own body as both an object and agent when I’m in a state of heightened physical sensation. So, sexuality comes into play a lot. I’m also painting from a distinctly feminine perspective, and in the real world sexuality and the sexual agency of women is often policed and controlled, put into neat categories. By painting between figuration and abstraction, I’m embracing ambiguity and the knowledge that sex is complex: calm, violent, pleasurable, sad, joyful… I think the unpredictable nature of oil paint can get closer to what real sexuality is like.”