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Stanley Boxer & James Little

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Piri Halasz reviews Stanley Boxer: Gradations at Berry Campbell (through May 19) and James Little: Slants and White Paintings at June Kelly (through May 15).

Halasz writes: “Although [Boxer’s] paint is about as thick as was Olitski’s during this period, Boxer’s way of laying it on – in quantities of small, solid, pats – looks nothing like Olitski’s increasingly larger, and freer swipes. And although the colors are comparably somber, and comparably monochromatic, there are often the ‘gradations’ that this show’s title underlines – from one side of the painting to the other or from the bottom to the top… [The paintings] of James Little carry on with the still far-from-exhausted ‘post-painterly’ tradition of geometric abstraction of the 1960s … His current show of 12 paintings has six “white paintings” and six “slants.” All were obviously very complex in concept, yet work out being to amazingly simple in effect and more rather than less rewarding to contemplate.”

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