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James Little

Stanley Boxer & James Little
From the Mayor's Doorstep

Piri Halasz reviews Stanley Boxer: Gradations at Berry Campbell (through May 19) and James Little: Slants and White Paintings at June Kelly (through May 15). Halasz writes: “Although [Boxer’s] paint is about as thick as was Olitski’s during this period, Boxer’s way of laying it on – in quantities of small, solid, pats – looks […]

James Little: Interview
Bomb Magazine

LeRonn P. Brooks conducts an extensive interview with painter James Little as part of the BOMB Magazine Oral History Project. In his introduction to the conversation, Brooks notes: “[Little’s] paintings are guided by intuitive responses to form, color, and feeling. This approach is not overly calculated, though its complexity may suggest so. His expression is […]