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Katherine Bradford

A New Subjectivity: Figurative Painting after 2000
Two Coats of Paint

Sharon Butler reviews A New Subjectivity: Figurative Painting after 2000, curated by Jason Stopa, at Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York (through April 12). The show features works by Katherine Bradford, Katherine Bernhardt, Gina Beavers, Jackie Gendel, Liz Markus, and Rose Wylie. Butler writes that curator Jason Stopa “makes a strong case that contemporary painters, particularly […]

Katherine Bradford: Interview
Bomb Magazine

Samuel Jablon interviews painter Katherine Bradford. Bradford comments: “I think knowing when to stop, knowing when you have a work of art in front of you, now that takes a special kind of eye. And in order to be able to do that you have to be pretty savvy about what’s going on… There has to […]

Katherine Bradford: Shelf Paintings

Katherine Bradford discusses her recent “shelf” paintings on view at Arts+Leisure, New York.