Interview with Barbara Grossman
Painting Perceptions

Larry Groff interviews fellow painter Barbara Grossman about her career and work. Asked about how “modernist notions of flatness and respecting the picture plane’s integrity benefit [her] work,” Grossman responds: “I believe it is another way to present ‘near and far’ without the conventions of perspective, which is a concept and not at all how […]

Interview with Margaux Ogden
Bomb Magazine

Tess Bilhartz interviews Margaux Ogden whose exhibition Tidal Locking was recently on view at Tif Sigfrids. Ogden remarks: “Repetition is very present in ancient Roman architecture, and the degradation or evolution of form that happens over time interests me. You start out with a perfect copy, and eventually it is bastardized to a point where […]

Conversation with Alan Gouk

Painter Alan Gouk discusses his six decade career as a painter and writer in a lively, wide-ranging conversation with Matt Dennis. In his introduction Dennis notes that while “any serious consideration of [Gouk’s] lifetime’s achievement must … begin and end with the paintings themselves, there is so much more to be taken into account: his […]

Interview with Avital Burg

Avital Burg’s compelling paintings are a product of the convergence of attentiveness to the thing seen and the materiality of the paint itself.

Donald Martiny: Interview
Whitehot Magazine

Noah Becker interviews painter Donald Martiny about his work. Discussing the germination of the ideas that inform his current work Martiny recalls: “A turning point occurred one day in the studio a little over a decade ago while I was starting a new painting—a de Kooning kind of gestural study.  I had painted a single brushstroke […]

Interview: Sedrick Huckaby at the Elaine de Kooning House

John Mitchell talks to Sedrick Huckaby about paintings in progress during a recent residency at the Elaine de Kooning House in East Hampton, New York.

Charline von Heyl: Interview
Brooklyn Rail

Raphael Rubinstein interviews painter Charline von Heyl whose exhibition Charline von Heyl: Snake Eyes will be on view at the Hirshhorn Museum, Washington D.C. from November 8, 2018 through January 27, 2019. Von Heyl remarks: “At the root of my painting is the line. As an outline, line defines a shape. In repetition, line creates […]

Peter Plagens: Interview
New City Art

Alan Pocaro talks to painter and critic Peter Plagens whose show, The Age of Innocence: Abstract Paintings by Peter Plagens, was recently on view at the Farmer Family Gallery at The Ohio State University at Lima. Pocaro notes that: “If the project of our lives is to integrate the many conflicting aspects of self into a […]

Peri Schwartz: Interview
Painting Perceptions

Larry Groff interviews painter Peri Schwartz on the occasion of her recent exhibition at Gallery NAGA in Boston. Asked about her most recent work, Schwartz comments: “My new work uses the same elements that have been my subject for almost twenty years. The difference is that in the early Studio paintings it looked more like an […]

Peter Halley: Interview
Brooklyn Rail

Tom McGlynn interviews painter Peter Halley on the occasion of a new installation of Halley’s work at Lever House entitled New York, New York. Halley remarks: “I just don’t think the power of abstraction is going away. Our whole cultural universe is built on abstraction, beginning with the abstraction that is money. But in the twentieth […]

Amy Sillman: Interview
Apollo Magazine

Imelda Barnard interviews painter Amy Sillman on the occasion of her exhibition Landline at Camden Arts Centre, London, on view through January 6, 2019. Sillman remarks: “I feel like I’m working with and against [painting] equally. The piece I’m making for Gallery 3 is structurally ambivalent, it has two sides that are printed on the […]

Susan Lichtman: Interview
Savvy Painter Podcast

Antrese Wood talks to painter Susan Lichtman about her work. Discussing how she constructs a painting, Lichtman remarks: “The idea is that I’m trying … to eventually make a space where your eyes move from one thing and to another and to another, the way they do when you look through a space. You don’t […]

Interview with Janice Nowinski

Janice Nowinski’s paintings are heavily worked, contemplative and dark while at the same time relaxed and optimistic in feeling.

Alfredo Gisholt: Interview

Jennifer Samet interviews painter Alfredo Gisholt whose work is on view at foma110, houston through October 24, 2018. Gisholt comments: “I find forms that I can move around and use to construct pictures. It’s a way to internalize something and reconfigure it, re-process it, and try to always get to another place. It’s like going […]

Ellen Berkenblit: Interview
Sound & Vision Podcast

Brian Alfred talks to painter Ellen Berkenblit. Berkenblit comments: “If I let myself do what I naturally do physically, with a canvas, there are elements that are continuous. They’re like a diary, they keep morphing, they change. And they also become a springboard for paint and color mixing which is something that makes my heart […]

Aubrey Levinthal: Interview
Savvy Painter Podcast

Antrese Wood talks to painter Aubrey Levinthal. Levinthal remarks: “The answers are in the paint… [years ago] I always felt like a had to have an idea to go forward or I had to ‘know a lot’ … to make a painting and I think that creates blocks. Now, I either go and feed my eyes or […]

Dona Nelson: In Conversation
Brooklyn Rail

Leeza Meksin interviews painter Dona Nelson whose exhibition Stand Alone Paintings is on view at the Tang Teaching Museum at Skidmore College through August 12, 2018. Nelson remarks: “I am interested when architecture does not dominate the experience of the paintings. Maybe one of the strategies of Pollock and Still making such big paintings was […]

Ewelina Bochenska: Interview
Painter's Bread

Michael Rutherford interviews painter Ewelina Bochenska. Bochenska remarks: “Painting is the most difficult thing there is, yet it is so magical and mysterious, almost miraculous. It is about liberation, freedom. Freedom from oneself and freedom from the known. It reminds me of a book by Jiddu Krishnamurti of the same title ‘Freedom from the Known’. […]

Etel Adnan: Interview
Apollo Magazine

Gabriel Coxhead interviews artist and poet Etel Adnan whose work is on view at the Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern, through October 7, 2018. Adnan remarks: “If I were just a painter, maybe my work would have been different, more encompassing. But my writing is rather pessimistic, because of the angle of history I got involved with, being […]

Sean Downey: Interview
Maake Magazine

Beatrice Helman interviews painter Sean Downey. Downey comments: “I think of the imagery I use in pretty abstract terms. I think of recognizability of imagery, and narrative, as just additional dimensions of pictorial space—like light, color, value, etc. I have a pretty collage-minded approach to creating images; I’m constantly returning to the idea of taking […]