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Abstract Painting

Julian Stanczak: Great Colorist

A new video on the life and work of painter Julian Stanczak.

Perle Fine: The Cool Series

A student of Hans Hofmann, Perle Fine’s artistic circle included the most accomplished New York School and European painters.

Clyfford Still Museum: The Exception

In 2011 The the Clyfford Still Museum will finally open its doors.

Milton Resnick Speaks

In a recently posted audio recording, Milton Resnick speaks about painting and his work.

Jered Sprecher: Interview
Painter's Bread

Michael Rutherford interviews painter Jered Sprecher. About his painting process Sprecher notes: "The paintings are not planned out; in effect I am constantly introducing contingencies to each work. Limits and unexpected occurrences are barriers to be embraced, challenged, and creatively addressed. If I look at the logic that resides in a particular painting or work […]

Michael Dopp: Interview
Painter's Bread

Michael Rutherford interviews Los Angeles-based painter Michael Dopp about his work and studio process. Dopp notes: "I usually spend some of my time working on something that is very deliberate and planned out, while also having works in the studio which are filled with accidents and incidentals. And somehow, maybe just through an imagined osmosis […]

Kayla Mohammadi: Interview

“My paintings start from observation. I use seeing as a way to structure my painting. I can always go back to observation in my work if the paintings aren’t working.”

John Hoyland (1934 – 2011)

Painter John Hoyland died yesterday at age 76.  Hoyland was part of the 1960 exhibition Situation: An Exhibition of British Abstract Painting, which also featured Gillian Ayres and William Turnbull. This exhibition featured large-scale abstract paintings that involved the viewer’s entire field of vision creating an immersive experience or “situation”. 1 In the 1960’s, Hoyland […]

Painting Expanded @ Tanya Bonakdar Gallery
16 Miles of String

Andrew Russeth blogs installation images from the exhibition Painting Expanded at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery. Painting Expanded "brings together work by 17 painters, most of them young and closely watched… curated by Renee Coppola, Phyllis Lally, Emily Ruotolo, and Scot Surdez."

Cy Twombly Remembered (1928-2011)

Cy Twombly worked purely, it seemed, from his feelings, thoughts, and impulses.

Twombly & Poussin: First Look

Curator Nicholas Cullinan narrates a first look at the exhibition Twombly and Poussin: Arcadian Painters.

Charline von Heyl Lecture

Charline von Heyl presents a generous and illuminating lecture on her work.

Alchemy & Inquiry: Taaffe, Tomaselli, Winters
16 Miles of String

Andrew Russeth visits the exhibition Alchemy and Inquiry: paintings by Philip Taaffe, Fred Tomaselli, and Terry Winters at Wave Hill Estate in the Bronx. Russeth writes: “With each artist featured in a separate room, it’s easy to see their three distinct visions clearly. My favorite in the tripartite melee is Taaffe, whose paintings are populated […]

Interview with Painters’ Table Editor Brett Baker

Painter Valerie Brennan has posted an interview with me about my work on her blog Studio Critical.  Her questions (asked of each painter she interviews) illuminate the day to day practice of being an artist including studio views and works in progress.   You can read the interview on Studio Critical.

Hedda Sterne (1911 – 2011)

Hedda Sterne’s work always remained fiercely individual, ground-breaking, and difficult to categorize.

Jo Baer at Hunter College
16 Miles of String

Andrew Russeth reports on painter Jo Baer’s interview with Anthony Huberman on March 7 at Hunter College. The interview was held in conjunction with a screening of a film about her work.  Russeth reports that Baer spoke on her decision to leave the New York art world, her lesser known (in America) figurative paintings, her […]

Clyfford Still: A Life in Paintings

Clyfford Still: A Life in Paintings featuring painter Bill Jensen discussing his own discovery of Clyfford Still’s work.

Robert Ryman at the Phillips
Painter's Bread

Michael Rutherford posts a 2010 video interview with Robert Ryman at the Phillips Collection.  Ryman discusses his works on view at the museum noting: "I don't abstract from anything… I am involved with real space… real light, and real surface."