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Best of Painters’ Table

Brenda Goodman: Interview

Goodman explores powerfully personal narratives animated by a visual language that moves that moves freely between abstraction and representation.

Ying Li: Foreign Terrain

Ying Li’s recent paintings, on view at the College of Staten Island, fuse natural phenomena and the act of painting.

Milton Resnick: Painting to Live

Geoffrey Dorfman discusses the life and work of painter Milton Resnick.

Braque at the Phillips Collection

Braque’s “second career” may, in retrospect, constitute his greater legacy.

Justice to Pissarro

Cezanne himself was right in maintaining, “We are all derived from Pissarro.”

Jon Imber’s Painterly Freedom

Jon Imber’s current paintings are born of a similar allegiance to the one standard every artist of quality must follow, freedom.

Nicolas de Staël: Needs to be Seen

The general neglect of de Staël is a missed opportunity for American painters.

Al Held’s Visual Thresholds

The graphic monumentality of Al Held’s Alphabet Paintings comes from vigorously painted architectonic arrangements of letterforms painted on near-mural scale canvases.

Nick Miller’s Truckscapes

A short film by Bill Haynes documents painter Nick Miller’s mobile studio.

Jan Müller’s Abstract Tale

An exhibition that showcases a number of Jan Müller’s mature, large-scale paintings is a welcome, if short lived, opportunity to see his monumental Abstract Expressionist allegories.

The Drawings of Clyfford Still

A selection of Clyfford Still’s 1,500 drawings reflect a practice of lifelong visual inquiry and show drawing to be an important, perhaps crucial, tool in Still’s dramatic evolution from regional artist to icon of the New York School.

Gabriel Laderman on Art

“Gabriel Laderman on Art,” represents the best of what blogging can be – personal, thoughtful reflections and opinions based in real experience.