Carmen Herrera: A Passionate Visual Idiom

David Carrier reviews Carmen Herrera: Lines of Sight at the Whitney Museum of American Art, on view through January 2, 2017. Carrier concludes: “… because this relatively small exhibition, which certainly doesn’t present her entire career, or even, so I imagine, identify her starting point, offers such a limited selection of her art, it’s impossible […]

Gregory Amenoff: Eclectic Mysticism Rooted in Modernism

John Goodrich reviews Gregory Amenoff: New Paintings at Alexandre Gallery, New York, on view through October 29, 2016. Goodrich writes: “While the natural landscape, exotic and enveloping, underpins all of Amenoff’s scenes, they depart from boiler-plate realism by several routes. A number of especially romantic paintings are notable for their brushy, atmospheric depths; they depict more-or-less […]

Julie Mehretu: Can Social Abstraction Succeed?
Art F City

Paddy Johnson reviews Julie Mehretu: Hoodnyx, Voodoo and Stelae at Marian Goodman Gallery, New York, on view through October 29, 2016. Johnson writes: “Without the titles, there’s no way to identify the grim events that inspire [Mehretu’s] work. The paintings add little to a path of abstract artist well trodden by now. With them, the mass […]

Celia Paul @ Victoria Miro
Studio International

Joe Lloyd reviews Celia Paul: Desdemona for Hilton by Celia at Victoria Miro Mayfair, London, on view through October 29, 2016. Lloyd writes: “Three self-portraits, a painting of her sister, a depiction of a room, and a seascape sequence: these are the components that combine to form the English painter Celia Paul’s Desdemona for Hilton […]

Zak Prekop @ Shane Campbell
New City Art

Chris Miller reviews paintings by Zak Prekop at Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago, on view through October 22, 2016. Miller writes: “Some works seem to be exploding; others collect the shrapnel that follows. A few feel quiet and mysterious, especially when patterns have been painted, or glued, on the reverse, so images emerge dimly from the back… […]

Daubigny: Inspiring Impressionism
Apollo Magazine

Sam Kitchener reviews the recent exhibition Inspiring Impressionism: Daubigny, Monet, Van Gogh at the Scottish National Gallery. Kitchener writes: “Just how far Daubigny influenced Monet and vice versa is left open to interpretation here. But a startling use, or rather perception, of colour, had long been a feature of Daubigny’s work… Van Gogh’s work during […]

Joan Semmel: A Woman’s Body
Two Coats of Paint

Sharon Butler blogs about Joan Semmel: New Work at Alexander Gray Associates, New York, on view through October 15, 2016. Butler writes: “Semmel’s lively, lyrical new paintings … depict fragmented sections of the aging female body, often from angles that can only be seen by women themselves. The gloriously large-scale nudes, all self portraits and […]

Hearne Pardee @ Bowery Gallery
On View At

John Goodrich reviews a recent exhibition of works by Hearne Pardee at Bowery Gallery, New York. Goodrich writes: “When artists share their process, they usually call our attention to particularly evocative materials and techniques. Pardee, however, focuses on a different kind of process, one that’s arguably even more fundamental to visual experience: the challenges of […]

Gregory Amenoff: Mind’s Eye
New York Sun Arts

Xico Greenwald reviews Gregory Amenoff: New Paintings at Alexandre Gallery, New York, on view through October 29, 2016. Greenwald writes that Amenoff’s “landscape-based abstractions teeming with organic shapes that suggest trees, caves, plant cells, soil, sky and water. But the forms here are not based on careful observation of the natural world. Rather, these are […]

Ed Moses @ Albertz Benda
Steven Alexander Journal

Steven Alexander blogs about Ed Moses: Painting as Process at Albertz Benda, New York, on view through October 15, 2016. Alexander writes: “Central to Moses’ work is the notion of constructing a painting through a process of interacting with materials, of setting a process in motion, and accepting the results… Bolstered by a large selection of […]

Bradley Walker Tomlin: A Retrospective
Brooklyn Rail

Joyce Beckenstein reviews Bradley Walker Tomlin: A Retrospective opening at The Dorsky Museum, New Paltz, on view through December 11, 2016. Beckenstein begins: “Filling in the personal and art historical gaps that have lingered in the forty years since Tomlin’s last full dress show, this exhibition deftly tracks this artist’s idiosyncratic style, one that lives […]

Richard Pousette-Dart: Hiding in Plain Sight
From the Mayor's Doorstep

Piri Halasz reviews Richard Pousette-Dart: The Centennial at Pace Gallery, New York, on view through October 15, 2016. Halasz writes: “this show has a number of paintings that yank the artist out of his stately cubo-surrealist orbit of the 40s and situate him far more certainly in the tempestuous ensuing decade… they situate their creator […]

Pictures in Portraiture – Jonas Wood at Anton Kern

Jonas Wood’s current show demonstrates how photography may expand contemporary painting’s enterprise.

Rochelle Feinstein: The Big Picture
Art in America

Faye Hirsch reviews the recent exhibition Rochelle Feinstein: I Made a Terrible Mistake at the Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, Munich. The show will be on view at the Bronx Museum of the Arts from June 27 – September 22, 2018. Hirsch begins: “Rochelle Feinstein is tough on painting while remaining a true believer. Work by […]

Glenn Goldberg @ Charlie James

Daniel Gerwin reviews Glenn Goldberg: Somewhere at Charlie James Gallery, Los Angeles, on view through October 15, 2016. Gerwin writes: “As I stood among his paintings, I became physically aware of a subtle conflict between sensual thrill and intellectual restraint… In ‘Okay (Blue)’ a rubber ducky shares the foreground with a highly stylized vertical stalk […]

Robert Motherwell @ Bernard Jacobson

John Bunker reviews Robert Motherwell: Abstract Expressionism at Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London, on view through November 26, 2016. Bunker writes: “Motherwell has a reputation for being the clever aesthete who was always too enamoured of the ‘Old World’ of Mediterranean sunshine, azure skies, Gauloises packets – and always with an eye for rare book wrappers […]

Ed Moses: Painting as Process
Studio International

Jill Spalding reviews Ed Moses: Painting as Process at Albertz Benda, New York, on view through October 15, 2016. Spalding writes: “With a restless promise that won him a solo show in 1957 at the then nascent Ferus Gallery, [Moses] never ceased to experiment. He worked with latex, to great sales and acclaim, but reverted […]

Rubens Ghenov @ Morgan Lehman
Art in America

Julian Kreimer reviews the recent exhibition Rubens Ghenov: Accoutrements in Marwa, an Interlude in Sliver at Morgan Lehman Gallery, New York. Kreimer writes: “Ghenov has absorbed the poet’s mantra that the fewer elements in a work, the more each of them matters… [his] ability to balance a powerful sense of nostalgia with an intensely slippery […]

Gary Petersen @ McKenzie Fine Art

John Yau reviews Gary Petersen: Back There Behind the Sun at McKenzie Fine Art, New York, on view through October 16, 2016. Yau writes: “Gary Petersen’s skewed geometric paintings call forth analogies to music and architecture, a realm of vertical intervals and diagonal supports spliced into a precarious balance… His off-center, stacked shapes have a […]

Kyle Staver @ Kent Fine Art

John Yau reviews paintings by Kyle Staver at Kent Fine Art, New York, on view through October 22, 2016. Yau concludes: “By introducing a touch of comedy, Staver opens up well-known myths and stories, making them more human than lofty. Wit, tenderness and empathy inform her views of the tragic, suggesting that we are not […]