Geometric Art

Julian Stanczak (1928 – 2017)

Alex Greenberger remembers painter Julian Stanczak (1928 – 2017) who passed away March 25. Greenberger writes: “Stanczak’s acrylic paintings often tended toward brightly colored shapes and grids. Typically made through contrasting unlike hues, Stanczak was able to create compositions that are jarring to the eye. They highlight the act of seeing, in the process showing […]

Peter Halley: Paintings from the 1980s
Saturation Point

Piers Veness reviews Peter Halley: Paintings from the 1980s at Modern Art, London, on view through March 18, 2017. Veness writes that the paintings on view “[return] us to the familiar shapes, colours and textures of Peter Halley – the hard-lined geometry of Glowing and Burnt-Out Cells with Conduit (1982), for example, with its characteristic […]

Emma Coulter: Interview
Visual Discrepancies

Brent Hallard interviews artist Emma Coulter. Coulter notes that “opticality and the illusion of form, these things really just happen through the positioning of two-dimensional paint. I guess this is one of the things I’m wanting to work with – the idea of the architectural space being as important as the art in terms of […]

John McLaughlin: The Marvelous Void

Joan Boykoff Baron and Reuben M. Baron review two exhibitions: John McLaughlin Paintings: Total Abstraction at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (through April 16) and John McLaughlin: Marvelous Void at Van Doren Waxter, New York (closed). The reviewers write: “[McLaughlin] sought a purer basis for abstraction in the Zen concept of the ‘marvelous […]

Stanley Whitney: Interview
Modern Art Notes

Tyler Green talks to painter Stanley Whitney whose work is currently on view at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, through April 2, 2017. Whitney remarks: “… So I go to Egypt … I’m looking at the pyramids, I’m looking at the tombs, I’m looking at the frescoes on the wall, and then it […]

Dan Ramirez @ Zolla/Lieberman
New City Art

Mark Pohlad reviews at Dan Ramirez: Alatheia at Zolla/Lieberman Gallery, Chicago, on view through February 4, 2017. Pohlad writes: “Ramirez’s art builds on stark contrasts—color against monotone, geometric versus rounded forms, metallic surfaces adjacent to wood—combined in fugal counterpoint. Recalling the paintings of Barnett Newman, one of his inspirations, Ramirez’s elegant forms are decidedly vertical. […]

Laurie Fendrich @ Louis Stern Fine Arts

Suzanne Muchnic profiles painter Laurie Fendrich on the occasion of Fendrich’s exhibition at Louis Stern Fine Arts, on view through December 3, 2016. Muchnic writes: “Beyond their fine craftsmanship and comic edge, Fendrich’s spirited abstractions and [Jane ]Austen’s captivating stories may appear to have little in common. But as critic Mark W. Stevens has noted, […]

Valerie Jaudon @ Von Lintel Gallery
Art Ltd

Peter Frank reviews the recent exhibition Valerie Jaudon: Ways And Means at Von Lintel Gallery, Los Angeles. Frank writes: “Jaudon has consistently relied on a simple compositional formula based entirely on line. Indeed, her painting starkly betrays P&D’s minimalist roots in the movement’s original strategy, you might say, of overcoming Minimalism’s clarity and obduracy by […]

Paul Feiler @ Jessica Carlisle
Studio International

Angeria Rigamonti di Cutó reviews works by Paul Feiler recently on view at Jessica Carlisle Gallery, London. Rigamonti Di Cutó writes: “As with other artists working in a constructivist-concrete vein, Feiler’s arrangements of rational, geometric forms yield curiously otherworldly sensations and suggest the tension between what the eye perceives and the brain imagines.”

Agnes Martin: A Resolutely Solitary Endeavor
Two Coats of Paint

Sharon Butler blogs about the Agnes Martin retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum, New York, on view through January 11, 2017. Butler writes: “Martin’s austere paintings, with neutral palette and delicate line, are beautifully installed in the Guggenheim’s warm white ramp. Unlike other artists, Martin didn’t find her voice until she was well past forty and […]

Don Voisine’s Universe of Shapes

John Yau reviews Don Voisine: X/V at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Rockland, Maine, on view through October 28, 2016. Yau writes: “Voisine’s pieces demand attention; you need to study them up close and from a distance to fully appreciate the illusions the artist creates by way of a handful of shapes and a […]

Carmen Herrera: A Passionate Visual Idiom

David Carrier reviews Carmen Herrera: Lines of Sight at the Whitney Museum of American Art, on view through January 2, 2017. Carrier concludes: “… because this relatively small exhibition, which certainly doesn’t present her entire career, or even, so I imagine, identify her starting point, offers such a limited selection of her art, it’s impossible […]

New Geometries: Embracing Narrative & Content
Two Coats of Paint

Sharon Butler posts excerpts from Alex Baker’s catalogue essay for New Geometries at Fleischer/Ollman gallery in Philadelphia on view through November 12, 2016. The show features works by Martha Clippinger, Gianna Commito, Diena Georgetti, Jeffrey Gibson, Eamon Ore-Giron, and Clare Rojas. Butler notes that “Baker sums up the history of abstract painting and then suggests […]

Seen in New York, September 2016

Paul Corio reviews a selection of painting exhibitions in New York.

Gary Petersen @ McKenzie Fine Art

John Yau reviews Gary Petersen: Back There Behind the Sun at McKenzie Fine Art, New York, on view through October 16, 2016. Yau writes: “Gary Petersen’s skewed geometric paintings call forth analogies to music and architecture, a realm of vertical intervals and diagonal supports spliced into a precarious balance… His off-center, stacked shapes have a […]

Sean Scully: Interview
Studio International

Allie Biswas interviews painter Sean Scully on the occasion of the exhibition Sean Scully: The Eighties at Mnuchin Gallery, New York, on view through October 22, 2016. Asked about the new direction of his work in the 80’s Scully remarks: “I got impatient with the precious remoteness of high-end abstraction. I wanted to bring painting back to […]

David Malek at Rawson Projects
16 Miles of String

Andrew Russeth examines the positive qualities of influence in the work of painter David Malek. In Malek’s exhibition Hexagons at Rawson Projects his work seems to engage in unapologetic dialogues with several system based painters including (early) Frank Stella and Sol Lewitt.  However, Russeth remarks, “What once looked logical, rational, and predetermined… begins to look […]